Now that the business side of my life is well and truly at home over at Fantastic Development, I feel I can get back to having a web presence all of my own.

To prove it, here’s a fairly meaningless First NEW post with the beginnings of my evening’s work playlist (the links are all to YouTube videos):

Warszawa – David Bowie / Brian Eno
Even Flow – Pearl Jam
The Recluse – Plan B
A Modern Midnight Conversation – The Chemical Brothers
Don’t Ask – grizzly bear
Black Swan (Vogel Bonus Beat Eraser remix) – Thom Yorke
Confessions Of A Pig – Monkey (Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett)
Leave Home – The Chemical Brothers
Black Dog – Led Zeppelin
Supertheory Of Supereverything – Gogol Bordello
Eclipse – Pink Floyd
Tuna In The Brine – Silverchair

…and, yes, that’s an OpenGL / Futurama joke you see in the post title. Readers may need to get used to that sort of thing.