Forest for the Trees (part 1 – The Album)

Forest for the Trees was a collaboration started by Carl Stephenson that included Beck’s earliest recorded work – Stephenson went on to co-write Loser and produce Mellow Gold with Beck.

The Album

The first album (self titled ‘Forest for the Trees’) has been a huge influence on my taste in music as well as any of my own writing and producing. I’m always hoping Carl Stephenson will get back to writing and producing.

In the hopes of getting the music into more people’s ear holes (and because I think all of the publishers who owned the music no longer exist) I have been uploading everything I could find to youtube:

1-12: Full Album Playlist

1: Dream

Dream is by far the most popular and critically acclaimed song on the album. There was even a fittingly trippy funky music video made for it:

2: Infinite Cow

Infinite Cow includes the first recording of Beck (singing about fat cow tongues at the end).

3. Fall

4. You Create the Reason

5. Tree

6. Wet Paint

7. Stream

8. Ohm

9. Algorithm

10. Green Light Street

11. Planet Unknown

12. Thoughts in My Head

I’ll be updating this post and publishing another couple with more videos and some high res scans of the album (and EP and Single) sleeves.

Getting Depth Textures to work in VR (Single-pass & Multi-pass)

This was originally posted in the Unity Forums. Please respond to the thread here with any feedback, thank you 🙂

I’m in the (increasingly drawn out) process of adding VR support to my asset Fantastic Glass.

I have the grab pass working, (most) inconsistencies caused by Single-pass dealt with, and everything is being synchronised to avoid any ghosting.

The only issue I seem to be left with is getting depth values in my shader from depth textures rendered in other cameras.

The depth textures when received by the material appear to be per-eye and include part of the dividing black border – they aren’t requested in any special way; this is just how Unity renders / passes them along:


Here is an example in VR of the depth issue causing an offset edge in the distortion:

Here’s an example with VR support disabled:

Here’s another screen showing that each eye receives a different offset in VR and even shows the border in Single-Pass:

Here’s an example in VR with the distortion effects disabled (red albedo for visibility as the sphere is unlit to make the edges clearer):

Grab pass and normal (e.g. _MainTex) UVs are working fine. However, if I try to use a similar UV / Unity’s various new stereo functions with the depth textures, the results are even worse than in these examples.

Here’s an example in VR of fogging and extinction showing the same edge – their intensity is derived only from the front, back, and other (non-glass) depth values:

Does anyone have any experience in getting something like this to work or have an idea of what I should be doing to get the right values?

I can’t find an explanation of how Unity recommends integrating their VR support and would massively appreciate any help 🙂

This was originally posted in the Unity Forums. Please respond here with any feedback.

from Fantastic Development

Suicide Squad, 2016 – ★★½

There are several moments of action and every so often it’s poignant, fun, and touching (almost all gravitas resting on Will Smith’s shoulders) but it’s inescapably jam-packed with poorly written dialogue, pointless events, and neck-breaking shifts in tone.

It also comes across with far more confidence in itself that the content deserves – characters are more than once visibly impressed by other characters’ (basic action hero) abilities on behalf of the audience, in slow-motion, even though they’re all supposed to be amazing bad-ass loner desperado super heroes. It’s littered with moments of faux-awe that take you out of the moment and patronise you into wincing at its telegraphed efforts.

Still, at least they got all of the characters totally spot on, right?

from Letterboxd – Daniel Pratt

Poached Eggs

That’s Mel; she comes in every Friday lunchtime and gets the poached egg and toast. She orders, sits at the table closest to the window, waits with her hands on her lap reading the menu, thanks Sue when the eggs come, tells Sue what the weather is, then gets 1 single napkin from the cutlery island.


And she is going to use that napkin.

What for?

She’s going to spill some eggs. There, see, almost immediately.

What? Every time?

Every time. She spills a bit, wipes it up, learns her lesson, then hunches over and carefully eats the rest of her eggs and toast.

Why doesn’t she get more napkins?

Because she’s learnt her lesson.

But she does it every time.

That’s why she gets the napkin.

Source: Poached Eggs