Suicide Squad, 2016 – ★★½

There are several moments of action and every so often it’s poignant, fun, and touching (almost all gravitas resting on Will Smith’s shoulders) but it’s inescapably jam-packed with poorly written dialogue, pointless events, and neck-breaking shifts in tone.

It also comes across with far more confidence in itself that the content deserves – characters are more than once visibly impressed by other characters’ (basic action hero) abilities on behalf of the audience, in slow-motion, even though they’re all supposed to be amazing bad-ass loner desperado super heroes. It’s littered with moments of faux-awe that take you out of the moment and patronise you into wincing at its telegraphed efforts.

Still, at least they got all of the characters totally spot on, right?

from Letterboxd – Daniel Pratt