2 The man put on the hat…

Short Story 2

The Man Put On The Hat.

“He did what?” Said the visibly disgruntled man, creasing his tightly fitted blue blaser as he knelt to question the small pale boy.

“The MAN put on the HAT!” The boy stamped his foot.

“Right!” The museum guard shot up, popping off a pearlescent button as his belly pushed up the blaser – immediately covering up his obvious startling with a stern inquisition aimed at a woman stood next to the boy. “Is this boy yours?” he nodded to his side where the boy stood frowning, both of them mirroring each other’s expressions.

The young woman’s face joined in. “I’m not married. I’m 27!”.

“Pff! Plenty of time to have something like this noise bag happen!”

“Hey!” Boomed an old man’s voice through a large white rustling beard hovering above the red headed foot stomper. “He’s no bag of noise, I’ll have you know!”

The part time museum patron botherer looked up at the towering figure above all of them.

“He’s my favourite grandson!” He placed his gigantic red hands on the boy’s shoulders, further emphasising his enormous stature by his ability to rest barely two fingers on either shoulder.

“Oh dear” The diminished blue blaser slumped.

“Do you know why?” Pale grey shimmering eyes shone down on the boy’s shrinking interrogator beneath billowing bushy eyebrows that seemed to be coming to life. “Because!” He continued as the tiny man opened his sad mouth. “He DOES NOT lie!”

The minuscule imp in the silly blue jacket turned sheepishly to a tiny grinning girl in a ballerina’s outfit who was inexplicably wearing a large security guard’s hat. Trembling, he whispered. “But SHE’S wearing it”.

“Oh” Came a lesser boom from the mound of grey hair. “Maybe he does lie”.

And they all exploded into popcorn and a Dalmatian licked them up, except for Albert.

The End.