Not Words

This is a list of words that don’t exist but do in my head.

1. Hacro
Definition: A method of speeding up a repetitive task on a computer that still involves human action. A human macro.
Example: Changing the last character in a list of sentences by mindlessly pressing the same short sequence of keys until they all appear done.
(Most often involves the sequence ([right-arrow], [down arrow], [delete]) x [NUMBER OF LINES YOU’VE SPELT WRONG])
References: Macro. Human.

2. Kinese
Definition: To apply or imbue kinetic energy.
References: Move.
Etymology: Came from a dream in which Adam Savage used it in Mythbusters. I then Googled it to make sure of its existence and realised I’d made it up.

3. Clatterdown
Definition: A cast-iron spiral staircase.
Attributes: Onomatopoeic.
Etymology: Named for its dangerous potential to ironically descend its user.
References: Staircase.

4. [0,∞]-Tab Jobbo
Definition: An estimation or summary of the work involved in a piece of work, described using the number of tabs open in any number of internet browsers by the task’s completion.
Example: I think we’ve got Android compatibility in the bag. Unfortunately, we estimated 1 day of work in the quote and it’s ended up an 8,400-tab jobbo.

5. Unless

(1) Forming the comparative of adjectives and adverbs, especially those of more than one syllable (comparative).

Example(1): Seven is unless than six.

(2) To a greater extent (additional).

Example (2): Just as expected, unless people arrived.