Here seems as good a place as any to store some programming.

Click on a title to find out more and see a demo where possible.

Zombie Horde

Zombie Horde is a 2D game in which the player must defend their self and escape vehicle from a zombie onslaught.
The game demo demonstrates the ‘Horde Mode’ of Zombie Horde in which zombies are oncoming in waves of increasing difficulty.

Emotionally Sensitive Intelligent Agent

A text-based program that learns to respond based on the emotion it assumes is implied by your input. It uses Bayesian algorithm and M-estimates to find the emotion’s probability in your sentence. The program saves learning data as it goes and allows a user to teach through correction when it guesses incorrectly.

Game World Object Acquisition Through Limb Simulation

A library I made as the beginning of a set of platform independent tools for games developers where I hoped to imply a movement towards more advanced concepts in games. This aims to demonstrate the acquisition and grip of objects of any shape by any imagined limb but also provided a variety of mathematical tools in the process.