4 The bins had been evolving on Mars…

Short Story 4

The bins had been evolving on Mars.

Nobody knew how or why and the exact history behind the existence on the unprotected Martian surface was inconsistent and vague.

Binologists maintained that there were only two viable theories; the Extratrasharian Theory (soon proved impossible) postulated that the bins were aliens from an as yet undiscovered planet and they were now in a stage of revealing themselves; the Intradumpty Theory of Trasholution contraindicated that the bins were in fact a product if humans of the past and were reaching a stage at which we may be beginning to recognise them as a new species.

There were two subsets two each theory and they both split at the point of considering the bin’s intentions and therefore how best to prepare. One side of each argued they should observe from afar and at most probe them for any signs of communicative power; the antithesis was heralded as key to the alternative subset: nuke the bins before they bin-nuked us.

A third theory – only considered quite heavily by all sides in retrospect – was proposed by 9 year old Alison Grasswood-Mountainview to her professor of Binology Joffrey Bluetooth and that was the following: the bins were just bins but inside the bins were space rats.

The only downside to Alison’s theory was that, as far as Binologists were aware, there was no such thing as a space rat.

3 years later, by which time Alison was now more interested in pop stars than Martian refuse recepticals, a very small group of people from all side of Binology got sick of waiting, broke through the weakly secured doors leading out to the bins, possibly after drinking a lot of shots during several bets about bins, and investigated the bins by hand.

Apart from one of them dying due to not wearing a space suit after losing at strip poker, they found what a lot of the science community – and a now 12 year old girl – suspected: space rats.

Having known space rats had existed for ten years, the scientific community were not surprised but they decided to award the team of Binologists medals for tenacity, after all they were badgers.