This page will contain whatever comes out of my initial experimentation with Unity3D.

It’s extremely easy to use, especially for those with some experience with games SDKs or programming, and I think it would be an excellent introduction to programming for anyone interested.

Get Unity3D for FREE here.

Fantastic Glass

Spawned from my experiments with shaders and increasing attempts to make things in Unity3D that do not come as standard, Fantastic Glass is a shader, toolkit, and collection of materials, prefabs, models, scenes, scripts, and presets (preliminary XML) that assist developers in creating realistic transparent objects (such as glass).

Fantastic Glass uses a combination of mesh and depth data to emulate realistic effects such as refraction, colour extinction (what gives water and the sky their colours), fogging, and other effects that help create realistic 3D transparent volumes.

It is constantly expanding in methods for tackling the limitations of transparent shaders in Unity; recent additions including VR compatibility, unlit modes (allowing for stealth cloak effects that seem to warp the vision with geometry and no textures), and better handling of render order and layering of transparent objects.

Delightful Boxers  June 2012

Generic FPS controls. Escape to quit. If you need more help, press ‘h’.

Delightful Boxers and The Quest for The Snake Oil Championship (Windows x86/64)

>Delightful Boxers and The Quest for The Snake Oil Championship (OSX x86)

Breakable Things  May 2013

I’ve added more to th is recently. This is the very attempt at making some breakable prefabs. As per all other projects, the programming and rather poor modelling are all my doing.

Breakable Things Test (Windows x86/64)

Real Time Strategy Game  May 2013

Real-Time Strategy Game (Windows x86/64)


Select Single Unit – Left Mouse Click
Select Multiple Units – Drag Left Mouse Click / Shift & Click
Go To – Right Mouse Click
Attack – Right Mouse Click
They player units will also go into a seek mode when idle.

If you have any questions regarding these little experiments, using Unity3D, or games programming in general, feel free to get in touch.