And The Beat Goes On

I’ve got a few ideas for what to use this space for:


-Music Experiments (demos, covers, samples, whatever)

-Software Demos


-A Diary of all of the emails a get because of ‘Other Daniel’ whose family send me photos of outings and whose college informed me he had graduated around the same time as I did.

  • This one is a little tricky legality-wise being something I’m not sure a law yet governs. If anyone has any ideas as to how I can be sure it’s OK to publish crap I get for someone else who uses my email address email me. I regularly un-subscribe his shit and have informed any of his friends and family that I’m not him but they still send me things.

-Comedy ideas I can’t afford to produce

-Comedy ideas I have produces (probably cheap)

-A Rant or Two

-Programming Hints & Tips

-Shorts stories / sections from novels I’ll never finish

-An ‘Un-Subscribe’ button

-Finally, more of these playlists I’ve starting making on days I choose music as the background to my working day/night. I’ll try and find a YouTube link where possible as some might have some hidden visual splendor I’m unaware of. In fact, I’m copying and pasting things so fast I’m probably missing official videos and pasting in some gimp’s photographic slide-show from a wet trip to an empty dogging alley with his ‘uncle’, probably. If you find a better one let me know.

Mexican Teenagers – Kaki King
London Bye Ta-Ta – David Bowie (Bowie at Beeb)
Within a Mile of Home – Flogging Molly
Zerox – Adam And The Ants
Storm & Stress – Bloc Party
In A State – UNKLE
Gnik Nus – The Beatles (Love Re-Working)
Ragged Wood – Fleet Foxes
Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt – DJ Shadow
Repulsion – Dinosaur Jr
Crack City – David Bowie & Tin Machine
Mexican Dogs – Cold War Kids
With A Little Glam – ccc – ill chemist
A Sky Blue Rhapsody – ccc – ill chemist
This is Where We Blaze the Nuggz – Caddywhompus
Glycerine – Bush – I was thinking about doing a cover of this, so you know.
Love And Mathematics – Broken Social Scene
Sunday – Bloc Party